WIP: Hut Wall Experiment, originally uploaded by mhuffman.

No one goes from a pile of bricks to hitting all the popular LEGO MOC blogs in just a few short minutes. The best creations require planning and practice.

Sketch it out

In this image we see examples of both planning and practice. Mhuffman has some sketches that are part of the planning stage. He is experimenting with creating a hut wall, so he has drawn out the basic idea first to help figure out what the end result will be before he’s bricked together a whole pile of LEGO in a miserable failure. 🙂

Practice the technique

After some advance planning, he has now started experimenting with the idea for his technique with the physical bricks.

Coming up with something new — even if it’s just a technique that is new to you — can be tricky. It helps to practice the idea before you implement it on your MOC. Better to figure out all the kinks and problems separately before having to take your 75,000 piece MOC apart halfway through!