Headed to a LEGO convention and you haven’t quite finished your build? Wanting to build something at your next LUG meeting? Perhaps you need to figure out much much of your LEGO room isn’t going to fit in the car for that weekend at the beach?

You need a mobile setup…a LEGO “to go” box. Whatever you want to call it, you need a way to take it with you.

But what to take and what not to take?
1) Have an idea of what you want to build — maybe it’s that mech you’ve been thinking about, or an alt build with your new Slave 1? Or perhaps you’ve never built a MOC with lime green and your dying to do it. Or maybe you’re just in the middle of your current castle. Whatever the case, you need some direction before you pack.
2) Make sure you’ve got all the parts you need–nothing is more frustrating than to have half your wall built and realize you’re missing those pieces you really need. And while you’re on the road, placing an order on Bricklink just doesn’t cut it.
3) But make sure you don’t have more parts than necessary — yeah, if the kids don’t fit in the car because you’ve over-packed on LEGO-to-go, you might find your wife ditching the bricks, adding the kids, and pulling away leaving you in a cloud of exhaust-covered LEGO bricks. Just kidding. That wouldn’t really happen, right? Right?
4) And throw in some random stuff for the win! — isn’t it often the unexpected piece that fits in at just the right time? Or the extra little bit of greebling to really make the whole thing work?