Want to improve your building skills and your photography skills? Do a 365!

Here is Day 5 from a Dan of action‘s second 365.

Day 5

This one is titled “Darth Solitude.”

The point of doing a “365” is to take one picture a day every day for a year and post it somewhere public like a blog of a Flickr photostream. Taking and posting your pics every day help you establish some accountability for your project, and also help you build a bit of a following with your friends and fans.

You don’t have to start on January 1, but it should be for a full year. You pick your theme (I’m pushing LEGO themes here, obviously).

One key thing is not to make your theme too limiting, or you can dry up on ideas pretty quick. (Or run out of time — e.g. a brand new LEGO-built castle a day is probably a little too much) But it also shouldn’t be “sky’s the limit” — so that you’re actually disciplining yourself to learn and improve your techniques.

Dan’s basic theme was “A LEGO a Day” and he’s also been posting these pictures on his LEGO a Day blog. Dan was one of my big inspirations for moving forward with my webcomic The Brick Side.