Supermarket fight02, originally uploaded by teruel211.

This is a great little vignette with some really good techniques. Three main things stand out to me:

1) The Supermarket Refrigerators
I have no doubt it is what they are. Very authentic. The grills across the top as well as the different versions of grey. The rat on the top is a nice touch. 🙂

2) The butcher shop
The meat looks great and the window case works very well.

3) Shopping Carts
A simple, yet effective design.

The overall humor of the image is great. I only have one suggestion: this is not an angle that we usually look into a scene on at the supermarket. So I would like to have seen some straight-on shots, or some closer-ups. I understand why teruel211 shot the photo the way he did: trying to get all the details into one shot, and he’s done that effectively. I would have tolerated seeing it over several more photos, especially to see the details in the meat shop and in the refrigerator better.