Engel Statue by Michael Jasper

Engel by Michael Jasper.

I covered some of Michael Jasper’s famous people vignettes over on Fascinating LEGO Model of the Day with a post about Michael’s Francis Drake back in May. Michael is a builder who often does very cool things with a small number of pieces. This vignette does no less.

The statue’s pedestal is a brilliant blend of some 8 Tooth Technic Gear Timing Wheels and lightsaber blades. The statue effect is a simple use of pieces that are all the same color. Usually I’ve seen statues done in grey, so it was a nice change to see this one in white. One key thing that always makes the statue is a blank face.

Also, the posts abnd rope around the statue sitting in the midst of grass surrounded by sidewalk — all on a 10×6 area, very effectively convey the idea of the statue.