Here’s a cool new use for the recent Green Minifig Stands that come in the Toy Story Army Men on Patrol Sets — foliage for trees!

And a great example of giving credit where it’s due… Wochenender has utilized the Minifig Stand as Foliage technique in his “Mounted Manor” (shown below), but also told where he got the idea from — check out the note at the top of his Flickr page. This is a great way to share a new technique and give credit. Of course, once it has started popping up in more and more MOCs, it will pretty much be in the public domain, as go all cool techniques that come along until the next newest and great technique comes out.

Mounted Manor

A lot more could be said about these MOCs, as well.

The top example was intended by its creator as an example of modular building — when you intentionally design the breaks in a larger model (such as by baseplate) so that the model will split up well for travel, but also fit together seamlessly for a display.

The bottom example makes beautiful use of some other cool techniques. I really enjoyed the varying greys on the larger building for the appearance of large stone bricks as you’d see in a solidly built medieval house. Also note the use of arches around the trim using them not as arches but us — oh, I don’t know what you’d call it but it looks cool.