Afternoon Diggy Nippers, originally uploaded by SlyOwl.

What SlyOwl does in an afternoon puts the rest of us to shame. First of all, the organic spread of the green to set the scene area and then the path to the old mill — very subtle stuff, but takes some thinking to get it right as you build. The mix of grey and the grill bricks on the mill give a good sense of the age to the building — not to mention the one door that has broken off its hinge.

The scene on the mill wheel evokes Pirates of the Caribbean 2; is that Captain Jack running away? Makes me wonder if SlyOwl is intentionally setting this as an homage to the apparent Easter Bunny announcement of a Pirates of the Caribbean line from the LEGO/Disney ongoing licensing agreement.

There are so many other juicy details here, too, like the gravestones, the effective use of foliage, etc.