BricksABillion’s goal is to become the on-line source for tools, tips, and techniques for building with LEGO® by developing a frequently updated “Catablog” of pictures, how-to’s, interviews, and more. Peruse the Catablog, find out how you can get involved, or read more…

Why another LEGO® website?

As I became aware of the online LEGO community, I searched and searched for a comprehensive source to learn more about all the cool techniques that many people have developed and display in their posts on sites like MOCPages, BrickShelf, Flicker, the under-appreciated Brick-Wiki, and especially things that get highlighted on the superb blog of the Brothers Brick.

And there are some sites that have “mini-catalogs” of building techniques. Classic Castle has an excellent article on “Avoiding the ‘Big Grey Wall’ Syndrome” that is an excellent discussion of building techniques. Classic Space also has an excellent article on “Making Minifig Guns” that is great how-to stuff. And a body could spend hours lost in CyberSpace just looking for ideas or, let alone ideas, looking at example after example on all the great public-hosting sites, not to mention the many personal sites out there. But if I have a particular building problem, or want new ideas, where can I go? Drum Roll…BricksABillion.

Why not just start posting to an existing site?

I considered this, perhaps heading up a major new trend in Brick-wiki, or doing some organizational stuff in some of the other sites, but the bottom line is that not only would I like to see more content in one organized place, I want to ensure quality content. Good examples. Interviews and articles from some of the more respected builders in the community. I don’t want a glut of stuff posted in one place, just for the sake of posting, or just because anybody and his brother with internet access and a digital camera can get there. Yet not so cliquish that we don’t accept articles from newbies and under-established authors. But, for there to be the understanding that this is simply for the benefit of the LEGO online community, and not an attempt at a profit. To ensure this, I am starting off by paying for the site myself.

Yet Another Inspiration

One thing that was a catalyst for me was the extremely inspiring LAML radio August 2008 series of interviews. What a landmark event! Listening to these podcasts every day pushed me and prompted me to get something together.

Why the name “BricksABillion?”

It’s catchy, memorable, and I already owned the domain. A while back I considered a stint as a brickseller, coordinating my efforts on eBay and Brickshelf via the BricksABillion. But that was short lived. And besides, if I remember the statistic correctly, there are over a billion combinations you can make with just 6 standard 2×4 bricks. So the name is also a reference to the limitless possibilities of the imagination.

What is a “Catablog?”

The word is a combination of “catalog” and “blog.” I spent quite a bit of time debating over how to present the information. Should I use a blog? Should I use a wiki? Should I use a forum? Should I write something completely new? Setting the site up as a blog seemed to be the best solution for what all we want to do. WordPress offers a great amount of flexibility with layout, plugins, and multiple users. There is also great RSS support and Search functionality. WordPress also streamlines well as its own Content Management System.