Alicia Robichaud is doing a 365 day photography project — not all LEGO, but is doing a full week of LEGO this week. This is her second day of the week, and day 23 out of the 365. This seems to be a classic “damsel in distress” scene. Not quite a Rapunzel, but with a much less headache-causing solution for the Damsel.

Climbing Rose Vine Technique

I’m highlighting this image because of the excellent technique of the rose vine climbing the tower. There are a lot of techniques out there for breaking up the monotony of an otherwise boring wall, but I’ve not seen greenery done like this before.

I feel that the roses bring a lot more life and even story to the picture. A guy might add a vine growing up part of the castle wall, but it takes a woman to make it a rose vine. =)

Of course, you don’t want to see every castle have every tower covered with rose vines — that would just be silly. Another variation, perhaps to add a bit of “evil” to the vine (not on Alicia’s MOC — on yours) would be to intersperse some of part #55236 (it’s been made in 8 different colors, most of which would look good and thorny).

Breaking up the Wall

I also appreciate Alicia’s use of the 1×1 cylinder bricks to break up the monotony of a what would have been an otherwise boring wall. It adds an extra hint of beauty, and gives  the eye something to linger on as it makes its way to the vine and finally  to the damsel, the focal point of the image.