The Devil Went Down to Georgia, originally uploaded by Sir Nadroj.

Wow, Sir Nardoj has done a brilliant job here with piece usage and styling. Forgetting the scary content, this MOC is a great example of a lot of good LEGO building techniques going well together.

The Devil in LEGO

Usually I want to avoid the devil … but this one not so much. :) Jordan points out that his creation here is fully articulated. Taking a look at his use of hinge parts, wow! Very good use of some of the thinner slope parts to give the contours of the body — love the cheese wedges on the torso!

Really like the horns, and the red dragon wings popping out from behind. And, the crowning touch — the devil’s belly button. A very subtle bit of humor that I almost missed.

LEGO Violin

And the LEGO violin. The gold sword for the bow is a beautiful touch — and the use of minifig legs to get the curve on the sides works very well, and the grill tile to get the strings really works, too.