The Venice Library – “X marks the spot…” by 2MuchCaffeine

MrWhiskersMainView by Teddy(Johan)

Scriptorium by Bricktales

Scriptorium by Bricktales

LEGO books and LEGO bookshelves can be built and presented in a variety of succesful ways, as these builders have demonstrated.

LEGO Books

There are a variety of ways to portray a book with LEGO. One of the most obvious is by using part # 33009,the 2×3 book that first started showing up in 1997 in lots of the sets that were primarily marketed to girls: the Belville stuff, the dollhouse stuff. More recently they’ve appeared in a number of the Harry Potter sets.

Another good method is to use a variety of different-colored 1×2 or 2×2 tiles set into a bookshelf to give the appearance of a full shelf of books. This is the method that 2MuchCaffeine and Teddy(Johan) used in the first two pictures above.

I also like the effective way BrickTales had both types of books on his shelf above, plus using the printed 2×2 tiles to depicting individual pages being written.

LEGO Bookshelves

In the examples above, we see some standalone bookshelves as well as some built into walls. For the standalone, brown makes a good representation of wood, and the builders have integrated a number of ingenious uses of brown pieces … minifig legs, minifig heads, etc. I also like BrickTales’  use of arches in the built-into-the-wall bookshelves.