KLR-20 Luxury combat vehicle, originally uploaded by Legohaulic.

Technique: This creation is absolutely beautiful! I love how Legohaulic has built the smooth, sloping surface of the vehicle, how it feels bulky, yet comfy. He’s made a great use of the various slope pieces (yeah cheese!) to get there.


One thing that is a key element here that separates the “boys” from the “men,” as it were, is Tyler’s use of a unified color scheme. Note that he doesn’t have a smattering of color (i.e. a little blue, a little red, some yellow, some green) — he’s using light bley metallic silver as the prominent color, black as his secondary color, and the lights fit in as nice tertiary colors for balance. (I’d count the translucent black in there as a nice mix between the primary and secondary colors).

Oh, and be sure to check out the commercial.