Coconut Island, originally uploaded by evildead1980.

evildead1980 has concocted a brilliant little island scene with all kinds of gorgeous building goodies going on.

I enjoyed his technique for the sandy beach — very organic and realistic.

And here he’s got an awesome use for a little farm animal (below). Note also how effectively he was able to get the bananas together. We typically see bananas in a “bunch” — usually 5 or 6 together, though this is a pretty good rendition of a banana “fist” — bananas actually grow together like this, pointed up.

Who wants some roasted pig?

And here a little tropical hot-tub complete with water supplied out the mouth of an ancient sculpture of a skull. Loved the use of the curved blue bricks here to depict the water pouring out. Notice also the use of brown minifig-heads as coconuts. There is also a brilliant mix of multiple types of vegetation to make a very coherent, believable island scene.

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