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Tag: vignette

Supermarket fight02, originally uploaded by teruel211.

This is a great little vignette with some really good techniques. Three main things stand out to me:

1) The Supermarket Refrigerators
I have no doubt it is what they are. Very authentic. The grills across the top as well as the different versions of grey. The rat on the top is a nice touch. :)

2) The butcher shop
The meat looks great and the window case works very well.

3) Shopping Carts
A simple, yet effective design.

The overall humor of the image is great. I only have one suggestion: this is not an angle that we usually look into a scene on at the supermarket. So I would like to have seen some straight-on shots, or some closer-ups. I understand why teruel211 shot the photo the way he did: trying to get all the details into one shot, and he’s done that effectively. I would have tolerated seeing it over several more photos, especially to see the details in the meat shop and in the refrigerator better.

Streets of London, originally uploaded by SlyOwl.

SlyOwl has successfully created a beautiful yet sad city street MOC apparently inspired by Ralph McTell’s song “Streets of London,” which he also links to one of many YouTube video’s of. I did not realize so many artists had recorded the song. The only time I’ve heard it before was from a folk group in Maine that I grew up listening to, Schooner Fare on their album “Day of the Clipper.”

SNOT Mission Sign

It’s almost obscured by the Street Light, but is a key part of the building. Notice the use of black and grey cheese to add a little more personality to the S’s.

Anti-boring Wall techniques

SlyOwl has also done a number of things to keep the walls from being boring. He has a great rain gutter/down spout. I’ve seen a few of these here and there in MOCs; they’re especially nice to see in a modern-era MOC.

He’s also got an effective mix of old and new grey to a beautiful effect. You get the idea of the mixed materials and shades of damage to the wall, especially with the 1×2 modified bricks.

Street Junk

You definitely have the idea that this is a dirty street of London — boxes, newspapers, an apple, etc.