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Tag: Star Wars

Saw this come through from the Flickr blog today. Flickr blogged the photos of Avanaut. This is a great call out to the LEGO fan community that is thriving on Flickr. Not to mention the sheer awesomeness of Avanaut’s photostream. Empire Strikes Back remains my all-time favorite Star Wars film. Here is one of my favorite pics by Avanaut:

The Steps of a Walker

Hardsuit, originally uploaded by Lord Dane.

I’m a sucker for a good mech, and this one by Lord Dane is awesome. The toes and fingers are hilarious, and the whole idea of a storm trooper dropping right into the armor is great. Adds potential for a whole new Star Wars flick. Or maybe some concepts that George Lucas can retro back into his next major revision of the original trilogy. Did I actually just say that out loud? My apologies to all you SW purists out there…