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A Catablog of Tools, Tips, and Techniques for building with LEGO®



A Housewife's Dream

A Housewife’s Dream, originally uploaded by bren92787.

bren92787 has a lot of great things going on in this MOC. I like the simple furniture, not to mention the whole concept of the robot vacuuming — very Jetsons! and a great way to incorporate one of the new  Series 1 Colletible Minifigs.

The design close to the ceiling is a bit unusual but demonstrates some good SNOT (studs not on top) techniques with the cheese slopes.

Overall a very enjoyable and fun presentation!

Streets of London, originally uploaded by SlyOwl.

SlyOwl has successfully created a beautiful yet sad city street MOC apparently inspired by Ralph McTell’s song “Streets of London,” which he also links to one of many YouTube video’s of. I did not realize so many artists had recorded the song. The only time I’ve heard it before was from a folk group in Maine that I grew up listening to, Schooner Fare on their album “Day of the Clipper.”

SNOT Mission Sign

It’s almost obscured by the Street Light, but is a key part of the building. Notice the use of black and grey cheese to add a little more personality to the S’s.

Anti-boring Wall techniques

SlyOwl has also done a number of things to keep the walls from being boring. He has a great rain gutter/down spout. I’ve seen a few of these here and there in MOCs; they’re especially nice to see in a modern-era MOC.

He’s also got an effective mix of old and new grey to a beautiful effect. You get the idea of the mixed materials and shades of damage to the wall, especially with the 1×2 modified bricks.

Street Junk

You definitely have the idea that this is a dirty street of London — boxes, newspapers, an apple, etc.