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Sean Kenney is the guy I almost met at BrickWorld in 2009. Instead I had to settle for having my picture taken with Nathan Sawaya (read my recent interview with Nathan). Okay, not a great loss, but I’ve still got to catch up with Sean sooner or later. Sean is the other LEGO certified professional living in New York City. He’s also the guy who runs MOCpages — an online community for LEGO builders to share their creations, and is the author of Cool Cars and Trucks.

Cool Robots is Sean’s second LEGO building book in this series. It’s due to hit bookshelves in September, and I plan to snatch one up pretty quick. Well, two really. 1 for me, and 1 for my boys to fight over.

Anti-Aliasing in LEGO Mosaic Design

Anti-Aliasing in LEGO Mosaic Design

LEGO Mosaics

The advent of PicToBrick and other tools that convert an image into a LEGO mosaic design have turned the average Joe LEGO-owner into a potential “artist.” But does the ability to run a program, make you an artist? LEGO has even released an iPhone app that will convert your pictures into something “LEGOized” — flooding Flickr with LEGO mosaics that have even fooled some AFOLs, if that were even possible.

There was a time when even the most pixelated of portraits built in LEGO would cause the masses to “ooh” and “ah,” but anybody can run a picture through PicToBrick and slap together LEGO bricks into a mosaic, and it becomes less than impressive. The entry fee has been lowered, and now the bar needs to be raised by those who want to separate themselves from the “Joe Anyones.” Creating a pixely-looking LEGO mosaic is quickly becoming a thing of the past; merely something the LEGO artist cuts his teeth on as he “builds” his way up to becoming somewhat more of a professional. continue reading…