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Tag: robot
“Rusty”, originally uploaded by Ewok in Disguise.

As a bit of a follow-up to my recent post on Thinking Smaller & Tablescraps, I was excited to find this brilliant little build by Ewok in Disguise.

He’s really done a great job with taking a few pieces and putting them together in an effective way. There’s a sense where the creation feels well “greebled”, since a lot of those pieces would be used for greebling. continue reading…

Nine lives, ten the math.

I like good Mechs and I like good LEGO humor. So this MOC by mondayn00dle really hits a good chord.

The color scheme of the MOC is cohesive, the postures of the Mech and the doomed are great, and the angle of the photo is perfect.

via The Brothers Brick