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Tag: minifig scale equipment

SlyOwl demonstrates several creative uses of LEGO pieces in this lively vignette.

The first thing I noticed was the clever use of minifig arms for the legs to depict running. Another thing is the use of diver fins for the roof.

An easy one to overlook might have been the microscale boat in the background, since it fits in so nicely. SlyOwl is making use of a forced perspective — a technique that’s started showing up here and there.

The Barrel used as a dress is unusual, but I believe he was looking for an unusual use for a barrel for the seed piece contest.

Hell’s Kitchen, originally uploaded by Fanboy30.

One thing I’ve found extremely helpful for building inspiration is to type some keywords into Flickr and see if there is an existing group for what I’m wanting to build.

In my Lego-built web comic, The Brick Side, I have an upcoming series that will start out in a medieval kitchen. I haven’t done a lot of building interiors, and never a kitchen, so I went in search for Lego kitchen stuff. I found lots of entries, but no groups, so I went ahead and started one and then invited a lot of the photos I’d found helpful. Check out my kitchen group, and add something if you’ve got it.

On the other side of this, don’t be quick to start a group. I put in the search term “lego minifig scale furniture” and didn’t find a group, so I started one, invited a bunch of images, and then found out there were some other groups called “lego furniture” and such that I might have been satisfied with.

I’m not completely dissatisfied, though, because the group I started was particularly for minifig scale, whereas the other groups weren’t quite that niched.

This Woodsman was posted by <jovian> on Flickr.

The chainsaw shows some excellent technique with the clever use of parts to put together a minifig scale chainsaw.

Also take a good look at the woodsman’s legs. Got some fancy SNOT going on there. And making his hands brown is a good way to signify that he’s wearing gloves.