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Tag: mech
Buttered Toads
“Buttered Toads”, originally uploaded by Sir Nadroj.

Here is Jordan Schwarz’s latest creation. A yellow frog?! Got to get me one of those. Here’s what Jordan had to say about this MOC:

I fell in love with the little yellow froggy from the new Harry Potter game Hogwarts and thought I’d build something featuring it. And light yellow is by far my favorite LEGO color, so I made this. Meet Buttered Toads. I don’t know who, what or why Buttered is, but here he is. Yup.

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Nine lives, ten the math.

I like good Mechs and I like good LEGO humor. So this MOC by mondayn00dle really hits a good chord.

The color scheme of the MOC is cohesive, the postures of the Mech and the doomed are great, and the angle of the photo is perfect.

via The Brothers Brick

Hardsuit, originally uploaded by Lord Dane.

I’m a sucker for a good mech, and this one by Lord Dane is awesome. The toes and fingers are hilarious, and the whole idea of a storm trooper dropping right into the armor is great. Adds potential for a whole new Star Wars flick. Or maybe some concepts that George Lucas can retro back into his next major revision of the original trilogy. Did I actually just say that out loud? My apologies to all you SW purists out there…