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Tag: legs

SlyOwl demonstrates several creative uses of LEGO pieces in this lively vignette.

The first thing I noticed was the clever use of minifig arms for the legs to depict running. Another thing is the use of diver fins for the roof.

An easy one to overlook might have been the microscale boat in the background, since it fits in so nicely. SlyOwl is making use of a forced perspective — a technique that’s started showing up here and there.

The Barrel used as a dress is unusual, but I believe he was looking for an unusual use for a barrel for the seed piece contest.

Hardsuit, originally uploaded by Lord Dane.

I’m a sucker for a good mech, and this one by Lord Dane is awesome. The toes and fingers are hilarious, and the whole idea of a storm trooper dropping right into the armor is great. Adds potential for a whole new Star Wars flick. Or maybe some concepts that George Lucas can retro back into his next major revision of the original trilogy. Did I actually just say that out loud? My apologies to all you SW purists out there…

This Woodsman was posted by <jovian> on Flickr.

The chainsaw shows some excellent technique with the clever use of parts to put together a minifig scale chainsaw.

Also take a good look at the woodsman’s legs. Got some fancy SNOT going on there. And making his hands brown is a good way to signify that he’s wearing gloves.

The Surfer created by Tiberium Blue and posted on Flickr.

So many awesome techniques going on here. The water appears to be based on white plates connected with joints to get the curving effect of the wave. The white is then covered with trans-blue tiles and highlighted on the break and splash with 1×2 trans clear plates.

Notice the use of the slopes for the surfers feet.