Order_Up: Wide Shot, originally uploaded by BrickWares.

Having worked in various aspects of food service for about 16 years of my life, I appreciate what BrickWares has going on here. There are enough details in the shot to keep you looking for quite a while.

What are some things that I really liked?

The tiled kitchen floor definitely!

The cases of lettuce off to the left (making use of the green Exoforce hair)– I used to have to move those from the delivery truck up to a walk-in salad fridge, until the ladies were ready to slice them for the salad bar.

I also liked the shelves and the wide assortment of items stored up there. Not to mention the rat. There goes their health rating! =)

And it’s hard not to appreciate someone who has tracked down all these various food pieces, and food service establishment-looking torsos!