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Brick Side Road, originally uploaded by ??a??i? ?o..

Looks at this beautiful technique for a brick road. I love the variation of the color; I think they work well; and the spacing — all help convey the idea that this is an old city road made of nice stones or brick.

Who is Jordan Schwartz?

If you read BrickJournal magazine, follow the Brothers Brick, or just about any popular LEGO blog, then you will have seen the work of Jordan Schwartz, commonly known in the LEGO community as “Sir Nadroj.” Jordan even has his own website, an online portfolio, appropriately punned as,

When I discovered that Jordan was heading to Brick Magic, I took the opportunity to pose a few questions, so we could get to know him a little better before the big event.

Jordan Schwartz aka Sir Nadroj

Jordan Schwartz aka Sir Nadroj

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