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A Catablog of Tools, Tips, and Techniques for building with LEGO®

Sneakers 2, originally uploaded by “Orion Pax”.

Here’s something you don’t see every day. Well, you do see sneakers … but not built out of LEGO. Love the brilliant color schemes. Of course, there’s a little bit more than LEGO going on here … the stickers and laces are definitely not official. 🙂

Orion Pax has done a great job with curved slopes and got them going in all kinds of happy directions.

Anti-Aliasing in LEGO Mosaic Design

Anti-Aliasing in LEGO Mosaic Design

LEGO Mosaics

The advent of PicToBrick and other tools that convert an image into a LEGO mosaic design have turned the average Joe LEGO-owner into a potential “artist.” But does the ability to run a program, make you an artist? LEGO has even released an iPhone app that will convert your pictures into something “LEGOized” — flooding Flickr with LEGO mosaics that have even fooled some AFOLs, if that were even possible.

There was a time when even the most pixelated of portraits built in LEGO would cause the masses to “ooh” and “ah,” but anybody can run a picture through PicToBrick and slap together LEGO bricks into a mosaic, and it becomes less than impressive. The entry fee has been lowered, and now the bar needs to be raised by those who want to separate themselves from the “Joe Anyones.” Creating a pixely-looking LEGO mosaic is quickly becoming a thing of the past; merely something the LEGO artist cuts his teeth on as he “builds” his way up to becoming somewhat more of a professional. continue reading…

Who is Jordan Schwartz?

If you read BrickJournal magazine, follow the Brothers Brick, or just about any popular LEGO blog, then you will have seen the work of Jordan Schwartz, commonly known in the LEGO community as “Sir Nadroj.” Jordan even has his own website, an online portfolio, appropriately punned as,

When I discovered that Jordan was heading to Brick Magic, I took the opportunity to pose a few questions, so we could get to know him a little better before the big event.

Jordan Schwartz aka Sir Nadroj

Jordan Schwartz aka Sir Nadroj

continue reading…

Nathan Sawaya, Brick Artist

Nathan Sawaya

Who is Nathan Sawaya?

If you’ve heard only one name in all of LEGO building, it is probably that of Nathan Sawaya. This well-known lawyer-turned “Brick Artist” has even had a category about his work on Jeopardy! He is covered regularly in various news outlets — the first time I heard of him was from a CNN article in 2007.

I’ve had the opportunity to exchange a few emails with Nathan and to meet him in person. (It really made my day at BrickWorld 2009 when he said he liked my piece, Wicked Smile.)

Last week, after getting back from a volcano-prolonged stay in Europe, Nathan took a few minutes  to answer some questions for BricksABillion. continue reading…

Jonathan Bender, author of LEGO: A Love Story

Jonathan Bender

Who is Jonathan Bender?

Jonathan is the author of the upcoming book, LEGO: A Love Story, the basic premise of which is a chronicle in the year of a life of an AFOL (Adult Fan of LEGO). LEGO: A Love Story will have its world-debut at BrickMagic, and I plan to be there to (among other things) get my own autographed copy. [note: thought the official release date is May, a number of sellers seem to have the book available already]

Jonathan’s been blogging about the experience for a while, and it’s been great to get to know him this way.

I also have the privilege of not being sued by Mr. Bender for my portrayal of him as a minifig in several episodes of The Brick Side. (38404245152)

Jonathan took a few minutes this week to answer some questions I had for BricksABillion. continue reading…