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A Catablog of Tools, Tips, and Techniques for building with LEGO®

Pink Tiles
Maybe it was a bunch of junk brick in a 20-pound lot you of LEGO bricks you won on eBay? Or maybe you drew a high number in an epic game of Dirty Brickster. Or perhaps it was an unexpected color when ordering parts by “grouped part bags” in a bulk LUG order. That’s what happened to Bladewood last week. But she made the best of it. continue reading…

game night, originally uploaded by djFargo.

Came across this on Flickr. While I run my own webcomic, I really appreciate finding stuff like this. I laughed and laughed and laughed and laughed.

“Rusty”, originally uploaded by Ewok in Disguise.

As a bit of a follow-up to my recent post on Thinking Smaller & Tablescraps, I was excited to find this brilliant little build by Ewok in Disguise.

He’s really done a great job with taking a few pieces and putting them together in an effective way. There’s a sense where the creation feels well “greebled”, since a lot of those pieces would be used for greebling. continue reading…

Buttered Toads
“Buttered Toads”, originally uploaded by Sir Nadroj.

Here is Jordan Schwarz’s latest creation. A yellow frog?! Got to get me one of those. Here’s what Jordan had to say about this MOC:

I fell in love with the little yellow froggy from the new Harry Potter game Hogwarts and thought I’d build something featuring it. And light yellow is by far my favorite LEGO color, so I made this. Meet Buttered Toads. I don’t know who, what or why Buttered is, but here he is. Yup.

continue reading…

Wow. Sometimes the stars align just right. Here’s Jeremy Bulloch, who portrayed Boba Fett from the original Star Wars Trilogy, autographing a CubeDude Boba Fett box for Angus MacLane. How awesome is that?!

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via @AngusMaclane | Interview with Angus MacLane about CubeDudes | CubeDudes on Flickr