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A Catablog of Tools, Tips, and Techniques for building with LEGO®

This image is from a series that pepik posted on Brickshelf. I love the simplicity yet effectiveness of the chair.

WWII: Landing in Normandy by DarthNick via Flickr.

Very cool use of 1×1 cylinders, 2×2 rader dishes, 1×1 cones, etc. to give the effect of splashes  and bullet hits.

Getting Up (remix) by Cole Blaq via Flickr.

I like the color fade technique here. Reminiscent of the Indiana Jones movie titles. Not to mention the cool organic letter creation.

The title of this one from Brickshelf is Field Kitchen by Pepik … don’t know if that’s a synonym for “outhouse”, but to me, that’s essentially what this is. I really like the use of tile for wood planks. Notice the cheese, too.

Downhill by pitrek02 via Flickr

There are some nice techniques going on here with this brick built LEGO bicycle. Some nice stuff going on with the tree and foliage, too.