While I liked the simplicity of the old theme it was … getting old. And there were a number of things I needed to do here on BricksABillion to get it up to speed. This new theme, Eos 1.3,  from SRS Solutions is simply brilliant. I wanted something fixed width, centered, more modern looking with an RSS feed button at the top, more navigation at the top, space for a splash blurb, and some helpful advertising, without compromising the existing posts.

Oh, and it wasn’t a requirement, but now that I see it’s there I’m twice as happy — I love the quotation marks setting off the Block Quotes. See, for example, on the Angus MacLane interview.

By the way, if you catch anything broken or not looking right — give me a holler, I’ll be tweaking some things for a few days to make sure everything is “just so.” 🙂