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When you say the phrase “LEGO Tools” (other than thinking of all the little tools a minifig could be supplied with) the Brick Separator is the most obvious LEGO tool available. Besides teeth. And many sets of teeth became very happy when this puppy hit the market! Unfortunately, it wasn’t available until after my parents decided I was too old to get any new LEGO stuff, so I did not obtain one until I was an adult. Now I have several, and use them frequently. My favorite is green (probably has something to do with that being my favorite color!).

Uses of the Brick Separator

The Brick Separator has a few different uses, some less obvious than others.

The most obvious use of the Brick Separator is getting one brick off another brick or off a base plate.

A less obvious use is to use two Brick Separators together to get plates and other things apart. Remember how many teeth you broke doing this one? Or how many times you groaned when your LEGO instructions had you put a 1×2 plate on top of another one?

A third use, and probably not nearly as obvious is to use your Brick Separator as a brick, i.e. as part of a MOC.

Cwazy Wendy's Wacky Wacer 

Cwazy Wendy’s Wacky Wacer, originally uploaded by Karf Oohlu.

[EDIT: This post originally ran in July, 2008, but I've recently updated the verbiage and added an illustration for the last point]

Allan Bedford, author of The Unofficial LEGO Builder’s Guide, (a book I highly recommend), presents instructions for building this tool in his book, though he calls it a “presser.” While I’ve used it for pressing, I also use it for poking, and extracting. And I don’t really like the name, “presser,” — sounds more like a piece of dry-cleaning equipment, whereas with “poker,” I think of a fire-place tool, since I’ve had fireplaces in most homes I’ve lived in. Although that term isn’t completely satisfactory either. So, for now I’ve settled on a “Presser-Poker.”

Allan offered a basic design, and mentioned that you could use just about any number of designs. Here are a few of mine:

my original color design
My original design
I wanted something translucent and cool.
The Zebra
The Zebra
Need I say more?
The Patriot
The Patriot
Red, White, and Blue. I’m an American, but I suppose these colors could be patriotic for a number of countries. :)
Midnight Magic
Midnight Magic
I liked the idea of black with a subtle bit of standard green in there.
The Basic Eight
The Basic Eight
I thought it would be neat to touch on some of the colors that are most common in LEGO. These are the most common eight, as far as I can tell.