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Category: Techniques

Engel Statue by Michael Jasper

Engel by Michael Jasper.

I covered some of Michael Jasper’s famous people vignettes over on Fascinating LEGO Model of the Day with a post about Michael’s Francis Drake back in May. Michael is a builder who often does very cool things with a small number of pieces. This vignette does no less.

The statue’s pedestal is a brilliant blend of some 8 Tooth Technic Gear Timing Wheels and lightsaber blades. The statue effect is a simple use of pieces that are all the same color. Usually I’ve seen statues done in grey, so it was a nice change to see this one in white. One key thing that always makes the statue is a blank face.

Also, the posts abnd rope around the statue sitting in the midst of grass surrounded by sidewalk — all on a 10×6 area, very effectively convey the idea of the statue.

Supermarket fight02, originally uploaded by teruel211.

This is a great little vignette with some really good techniques. Three main things stand out to me:

1) The Supermarket Refrigerators
I have no doubt it is what they are. Very authentic. The grills across the top as well as the different versions of grey. The rat on the top is a nice touch. :)

2) The butcher shop
The meat looks great and the window case works very well.

3) Shopping Carts
A simple, yet effective design.

The overall humor of the image is great. I only have one suggestion: this is not an angle that we usually look into a scene on at the supermarket. So I would like to have seen some straight-on shots, or some closer-ups. I understand why teruel211 shot the photo the way he did: trying to get all the details into one shot, and he’s done that effectively. I would have tolerated seeing it over several more photos, especially to see the details in the meat shop and in the refrigerator better.


Boxes, originally uploaded by Tito0o0o.

I recognize that I just blogged another one of TitoOoOo’s creations a few days ago, but the simplicity and effectiveness of his use of color and SNOT technique make for a great example here.

TitoOoOo has entitled this one “Boxes,” box it is evident that he is stretching the concept into abstract art with his defiance of gravity by not stacking boxes all on top of each other, but also to the sides of other boxes.

This particular example would be a good one to copy-build and then expand on to practice your SNOT techniques.

I am not a Mech builder — yet, but I greatly admire the craft and ingenuity that a number of folks have in putting these things together. Fredoichi’s FHF – S07 ‘Ujio’ – Ground Type is a great example. continue reading…

1930, originally uploaded by Tito0o0o.

Several months ago I started a Flickr group specifically for minifig-scale LEGO furniture. This image is an excellent example of some sample furnitured designed with a 1930 setting in mind.

What we have here are a gramophone, a sofa, and an end table with a lamp on it. The end table looks like a 2x2x2 box with a 2×2 tile on top — nice effect!

The sofa has a few techniques I don’t remembering seeing before. I like the sloping back. The 2×2 tiles also give a padded-cushion look, and the rubber band going around the couch to give the idea of the seam (or whatever else you call that thing that goes around couches at that level) is very well done.