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Category: Techniques

Here’s a cool new use for the recent Green Minifig Stands that come in the Toy Story Army Men on Patrol Sets — foliage for trees! continue reading…

Bring on the Desks!

I’ll admit I can’t come up with all the great ideas on my own. (So I’m humble, right?) And we AFOLs have an awesome community of great builders from which to draw inspiration. Of course you can get into a whole long discussion here over who came up with a particular technique first, and while it’s nice to be able to ascribe credit where it’s due … you’ve got to admit that good ideas spread until everybody’s done it. (Ripping off someone else’s Flickr photos and posting them as your own is a completely different matter and anyone who does such things ought to have their LEGO bricks taken from them and given to other kids).

Anyhow, I love minifig scale furniture—particularly if it’s done right. :) For an upcoming series for The Brick Side I needed to do some research on LEGO desks, and wanted to take a few minutes to share with you some of the cool creations I found.

The setting for my upcoming series will be in an office with a cubicle-like atmosphere, so I need to figure out some good ways to build desks. So here is a gallery here of some of the LEGO desks I could find in minifig scale. I started with items already included in my LEGO Minifig Furniture pool on Flickr and also went in search of others. A couple of these aren’t exactly in minifig scale, but I don’t think the world will end because of it. If it does, then so long and thanks for all the fish!

Office Desk Tablescrap

Office Desk Tablescrap by 2 Much Caffeine

continue reading…

Anti-Aliasing in LEGO Mosaic Design

Anti-Aliasing in LEGO Mosaic Design

LEGO Mosaics

The advent of PicToBrick and other tools that convert an image into a LEGO mosaic design have turned the average Joe LEGO-owner into a potential “artist.” But does the ability to run a program, make you an artist? LEGO has even released an iPhone app that will convert your pictures into something “LEGOized” — flooding Flickr with LEGO mosaics that have even fooled some AFOLs, if that were even possible.

There was a time when even the most pixelated of portraits built in LEGO would cause the masses to “ooh” and “ah,” but anybody can run a picture through PicToBrick and slap together LEGO bricks into a mosaic, and it becomes less than impressive. The entry fee has been lowered, and now the bar needs to be raised by those who want to separate themselves from the “Joe Anyones.” Creating a pixely-looking LEGO mosaic is quickly becoming a thing of the past; merely something the LEGO artist cuts his teeth on as he “builds” his way up to becoming somewhat more of a professional. continue reading…

cockpit box, originally uploaded by nnenn.

I’ve previously blogged this creation on Fascinating LEGO model of the Day, but feel it appropriate to re-cover it here, at the passing of it’s creator, Nate Nielsen, well known to the community as Nnenn.

Up to this point, Nnenn is the only person whose Flickr photostream was in my Google Reader feed. I’ve always enjoyed seeing the many ways he could come up with to reinvent the starfighter.

This particular creation of his was a suggestion for a way to start building a starfighter — it gave you a template starting point to build out from.

Space Container, originally uploaded by AfroEngineer.

These Space Containers by Breakdown are a brilliant exercise in compact building technique.

AfroEngineer has also included a breakdown of how to build them: continue reading…