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A Catablog of Tools, Tips, and Techniques for building with LEGO®


Category: Techniques

Banana gunbot, originally uploaded by Karf Oohlu.

Absolutely love this banana gunbot by Karf Oohlu. Great use of bananas, yellow 1×1 tiles, a minifig hand, some washing machine bricks, etc.

The Devil Went Down to Georgia, originally uploaded by Sir Nadroj.

Wow, Sir Nardoj has done a brilliant job here with piece usage and styling. Forgetting the scary content, this MOC is a great example of a lot of good LEGO building techniques going well together.

The Devil in LEGO

Usually I want to avoid the devil … but this one not so much. :) Jordan points out that his creation here is fully articulated. Taking a look at his use of hinge parts, wow! Very good use of some of the thinner slope parts to give the contours of the body — love the cheese wedges on the torso!

Really like the horns, and the red dragon wings popping out from behind. And, the crowning touch — the devil’s belly button. A very subtle bit of humor that I almost missed.

LEGO Violin

And the LEGO violin. The gold sword for the bow is a beautiful touch — and the use of minifig legs to get the curve on the sides works very well, and the grill tile to get the strings really works, too.

Buttered Toads
“Buttered Toads”, originally uploaded by Sir Nadroj.

Here is Jordan Schwarz’s latest creation. A yellow frog?! Got to get me one of those. Here’s what Jordan had to say about this MOC:

I fell in love with the little yellow froggy from the new Harry Potter game Hogwarts and thought I’d build something featuring it. And light yellow is by far my favorite LEGO color, so I made this. Meet Buttered Toads. I don’t know who, what or why Buttered is, but here he is. Yup.

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“Dumpster”, originally uploaded by Brickapolis™.

Ya know, sometimes you need a dumpster. I’m not sure if I’ve seen too many of these in MOCs, but maybe we need to start seeing more. There’s got to be a lot of humor ready to go into a LEGO scene with a dumpster. Anyone?

I really enjoyed this MOC when I noticed it in the LEGO Literature pool on Flickr recently, though I’ll admit it’s been a few years since I’ve read Sir Gawain and the Green Knight. (Pronounced Gah’-win not Guh – Wayne). continue reading…