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Saw this come through from the Flickr blog today. Flickr blogged the photos of Avanaut. This is a great call out to the LEGO fan community that is thriving on Flickr. Not to mention the sheer awesomeness of Avanaut’s photostream. Empire Strikes Back remains my all-time favorite Star Wars film. Here is one of my favorite pics by Avanaut:

The Steps of a Walker

Wow. Sometimes the stars align just right. Here’s Jeremy Bulloch, who portrayed Boba Fett from the original Star Wars Trilogy, autographing a CubeDude Boba Fett box for Angus MacLane. How awesome is that?!

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via @AngusMaclane | Interview with Angus MacLane about CubeDudes | CubeDudes on Flickr

Sean Kenney is the guy I almost met at BrickWorld in 2009. Instead I had to settle for having my picture taken with Nathan Sawaya (read my recent interview with Nathan). Okay, not a great loss, but I’ve still got to catch up with Sean sooner or later. Sean is the other LEGO certified professional living in New York City. He’s also the guy who runs MOCpages — an online community for LEGO builders to share their creations, and is the author of Cool Cars and Trucks.

Cool Robots is Sean’s second LEGO building book in this series. It’s due to hit bookshelves in September, and I plan to snatch one up pretty quick. Well, two really. 1 for me, and 1 for my boys to fight over.

Business Wire had an article that preceded the one I mentioned yesterday; it appears the one I’d read may have excerpted from this one, without citing it as a source, as this one contains everything the other had … and more.

Though it leaves many of my questions unanswered, it does appear that this is more of a recent decision just announced, and will be several months before we see a final product. The site will apparently be redesigned by ATG (Art Technology Group, Inc.) and utilize the ATG Commerce platform to run the site.

via Brickset

While I liked the simplicity of the old theme it was … getting old. And there were a number of things I needed to do here on BricksABillion to get it up to speed. This new theme, Eos 1.3,  from SRS Solutions is simply brilliant. I wanted something fixed width, centered, more modern looking with an RSS feed button at the top, more navigation at the top, space for a splash blurb, and some helpful advertising, without compromising the existing posts.

Oh, and it wasn’t a requirement, but now that I see it’s there I’m twice as happy — I love the quotation marks setting off the Block Quotes. See, for example, on the Angus MacLane interview.

By the way, if you catch anything broken or not looking right — give me a holler, I’ll be tweaking some things for a few days to make sure everything is “just so.” :)