Angus MacLane and the LEGO Community

Angus MacLane is significant to the AFOL community for a number of reasons. For one, he’s an animator at PIXAR who worked on WALL•E (among others) and also directed the short from that film, BURN•E. And, more specifically, Angus builds LEGO; he is an AFOL. His LEGO WALL•E is one of the better ones out there (hmm…something about animating the character helps you to understand his dimensions pretty well ;D ). And he’s made up some of his own themes, like Space Dwarves (here and here) and Clown Wars. A lot of those creations were covered in the Spring 2009 issue of BrickJournal in an interview by Joe Meno.

Enter the CubeDudes

Another theme that Angus invented appears quietly on September 21. Angus posted 102 characters in a new scale he’s developed called “CubeDudes.” Umm…wow! Bigger and blockier and cuter than miniland scale, this scale feels very “cartoon” but also professional and crisp. The heads are a 3×3 block making use of color variation and different SNOT techniques (depending on the character).
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